Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Eric Tsang to produce a TVB series, plans to bring Andy Lau back to his 'maternal home'

The issue of free-to-air TV licenses are delayed time after time; it has been said the government won't be officially issuing the licenses to CTI, nowTV and iCable until mid-2013. TVB's new boss, 'Shell King' Chan Kwok Keung, must keep TVB at the top of the television industry as Big Brother. It was understood, besides paying an expensive price to invite Wong Jing back to produce a glamorous TV series for them, Mr. Chan personally invited his trusted aide Eric Tsang to produce a new series as well. Eric does not only have fast reactions and unlimited ideas, he also serves as the networking person. Eric threw out his 'friendship card' as he plans to invite Film King Andy Lau back to his maternal home to help them with the 'TV war'. It has been 24 years since Andy's been in a TVB series.

Earlier there was news that Wong Jing will be starting a 40 episode TVB series and plans to invite Film Queen Deanie Ip to take on the lead actress role. Another one of TVB's surprising secret weapons is Chan Kwok Keung personally asked Eric Tsang to produce a grand production, in which he will be responsible for casting, finding a director and the script. Even the heads of the production department, Tommy Leung and Catherine Tsang have to step aside to accommodate him.

Eric accepted an interview with [HK Headline] reporters. In regards to producing a TVB series, he admitted: "Actually it is not confirmed, there is no concrete plan yet. I currently have several ideas. I may do a costume drama, love story or perhaps something that is more movie-like. The first part might be a movie and then maybe stretch it out to a 30-40 episode TV series. Maybe something like Laughing Gor or follow the Tiger Cubs style, air only one episode a week. Every production is different and I can use more new directors and artists." As for the leads that Eric has in mind? Eric exposed he has contacted Andy Lau: "I mentioned it to Andy before and said he's interested. He said to me: 'If you find a story I like, then I'll consider it!' Well, of course artists made decisions based on the script. I will come up with a script that touches him."

Andy Lau graduated from the 10th TVB Artistes Training Class in 1981. In 1982, producer Lee Tim Shing casted him as the lead actor in The Emissary, where he started getting popular. In 1983, TVB strongly promoted him along with Felix Wong, Tony Leung, Michael Miu and Kent Tong. They were known as the TVB's Five Tigers. Andy's been in many popular TVB series such as The Return of the Condor Heroes and The Duke of Mount Deer. In 1984, after he completed The Return of the Condor Heroes, he was unwilling to renew his contract for another 5 years, and thus was frozen by TVB for 400 days. In 1988, he starred in Tin Long Kip with Maggie Siu and then started focusing entirely on the film industry.


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