Sunday, August 26, 2012

Ron Ng & Tavia Yeung celebrates birthday together with over 100 fans

Ron Ng and Tavia Yeung celebrated their 33rd birthday together at a hotel with over 100 fans yesterday. They had a 20 table birthday banquet. To boost the atmosphere, Ron pointed to his cheek signaling Tavia to give him a birthday kiss. However, when speaking of people not accepting ex-girlfriend Viann and her new boyfriend Chen Li? Ron refused to respond: "I"m not commenting on other people! (Feel bad for her?) No. (Call and comfort her?) Not responding."

Ron said he will not respond to any questions relating to Viann anymore and will not comment on whether he will draw a line with her. He stressed he is currently just focused on work and won't think too much about relationships. Ron reveals on the day of his birthday, September 2nd, he will have to spend it through work. Asked if he'll feel lonely on his birthday? Ron calmly said: "It's about the same every year." He also said he hasn't played with Weibo in a long time: "I got a new phone and stopped going on Weibo." He also said he changed all of his personal passwords.

Tavia appeared very excited at the birthday party. When asked how rumored boyfriend Him Law will celebrate with her? She said: "I'm going to celebrate with my mom first. From what I know, Him has to shoot the pilot series [TITS2], he's very busy. (Do you want to get a ring from him?) I can't just accept that, but Ron gave me a ring before. (But you just said you can't just accept rings?) I think of Ron as a girl. (Tell Him he doesn't have to give you a ring?) When it's a suitable time." He's not suitable yet? Tavia immediately changed the subject: "Not sure if it's a good day today?" Also, asked if she'll comfort Ron? She said he's looking good and he gained weight too, no need to comfort him.

*Note: Tavia's birthday is on August 30th. Ron is on September 2nd.


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