Thursday, July 18, 2013

Ron Ng and Kelly Fu Impossible to Become a Couple

Ron Ng has been busy shooting in Mainland and hasn't really appeared in HK. In his new series Triumph in the Skies II, he continues portraying Issac Tong, "Sam Gor" Francis Ng's younger brother and develops a relationship with Myolie Wu's new role. When asked if he has any kiss scenes with Myolie? He said: "All the kiss scenes in the series, leave it to Kenneth Ma and Chilam Cheung. (What a disadvantage for you?) Nope, I didn't ask for any. Perhaps Chilam asked the producer for kiss scenes. In the series, Chilam is a pilot I really admire, but he's always dumping girls and I'm the one who helps him handles it. (You're good at doing these things in real life too?) Nope! Nobody asked me to help them!" Ron is coming back to HK very soon to start on a new series, but when reporters mentioned he has earned quite a bit in Mainland? He said: "I'm considered the 'mosquito earning money', compared to many other people, I don't make that much." When speaking of his rumors with Kelly Fu, Ron frankly expressed she only loves him in the series, but after TITS2 filming completed, he had only encountered her at work. Kelly mentioned before they are still developing? He said: "I asked her before, she said the reporter twisted the truth. I will say it again, I have never dated her before. I'm not dating her today and it is impossible for us to start dating in the future!"


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