Thursday, July 25, 2013

Myolie Wu is a workaholic

Eligible bachelorette Myolie Wu attended an endorsement event for female brand, Whisper in Hong Kong recently. The actress, who has been single since July last year, previously dated Hong Kong actor, Bosco Wong for eight years. After the split, this 33-year-old has been burying herself in tons of work.

According to Hong Kong media reports, the workaholic has taken up three TVB dramas, two China dramas and many other endorsement jobs in just a year.

When asked if she was worried that she will have “no time” for love, she said confidently, “Not at all!”

Besides filing up her time with work, the actress revealed that she has been keeping an eye on the property market. Telling reporters that she aims to buy an apartment every other year, the actress showed no regrets about her lost relationship.

In addition, Myolie was calm in response to Bosco’s romantic rumours with fellow TVB actress, Bella Lam. Reaffirming reporters that she does not hate him, Myolie also revealed that the two might have chances to collaborate in future.

While Myolie continues to work hard, she remains optimistic when it comes to matter of the heart and hopes to find a taller and more mature man in the future.


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