Sunday, July 7, 2013

Benjamin Yuen's Greatest Fear is Women Undermining his Future

33 year old Benjamin Yuen (Ben) is not your average newcomer. When interviewed, he does not try to act friendly to get a good impression so the media could write positively about him. Instead, he likes to stamp the mean expression on his face. When getting his picture taken, the photographer asked him to look a big guy, but he could careless and continued to pose freely on his own. Ben sure is one prominent character.

When Ben is at work, he rarely smiles or laughs. He displays a sullen look through his eyes and he just had to be born with a look of a fighter. This combination is contradicting, but the advantage is there are not many of his type in the industry. In the near future, he wanted to become a singer, therefore participated in TVB's new singing contest Voice of Stars, the celebrity version of "The Voice". Although Ben was eliminated shortly after, he still saved up "some" fame and earned opportunities for overseas stage performances to make some extra income.

Hopeful for Another Chance to "Reborn"

Ben admits he felt terrible when the judges heavily criticized his singing, but its an "earnest remedy". He comforted himself: "The judges were putting money in my pockets. I will definitely make the changes and improve. I'll find another opportunity in the future to perform again." Ben understands the show is for entertainment, the contestants must put their egos down and accept the criticisms in order to benefit. Recall, Ben participated in Mr. Hong Kong 2007 and was eliminated half way through the competition, but thanks to the 'Back to Life' segment, Ben was able to take the Mr. HK title after all. How can you say that's not a miracle! This time, Ben hopes for another "reborn" opportunity in the singing contest because each contestant have their own talent.

Rather Be Safe and Drive Slower

Indeed, Ben had experienced a life threatening situation before. He pulled his shirt up to show the reporter a scar on his back, and expressed during childhood, he carelessly crashed into a glass door at his house and a piece of glass pierced into the right side of his back. "My family thought if I didn't die from that, then I'll be paralyzed. Luckily nothing happened." Since then, all glass furniture and decorations around the house were replaced by plastic; he also learned to pay close attention to his personal safety, especially when driving. He insists on "never driving in between two cars." He rather stay behind other cars and drive slower.

No Need to Explain to Girlfriend

On the highway, Ben is willing to yield and fall behind, but showbiz is a slaughtering battlefield, yielding in this industry means giving up your career. Til this day, the 33 year old actor still has not climbed up to the top yet, but Ben has no fear its too late, his only fear is a woman undermining his future . Earlier the media spotted Ben on the street with stage actress Cissy Ma accompanying him and it was rumored he plans to get married next year. In regards to this rumor, Ben said displeased: "I have never said I was in a relationship!"

When speaking of his passionate kiss scenes with Joey Meng in TVB series A Change of Heart, asked if he had to tell his girlfriend prior to filming? He said: "If so, then she isn't right for me." Ben recalled the kiss scenes were filmed first, at the time he did not know Joey Meng at all, thus the intimate scenes were a little awkward for him. "I thought I would be really nervous, but she was shaking more than me." Towards his showbiz career, Ben is actually quite ambitious, he frankly expressed he will not be satisfied with just working on-screen. One of his dreams is to open a production company. Currently, whenever he has free time, he will take the opportunity to grab some tips from behind-the-scenes.


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