Thursday, July 4, 2013

Kevin Cheng Reducing Workload to Find a Girlfriend

Yesterday 43 year old Kevin Cheng attended a skincare event. It was said he earned 30 million from shooting Mainland dramas. Kevin laughed: "That's what people say. I'm able to make a living. I am pleased with my current work, but there is no need to compare my assets with how much I earn per episode." It was said he bought a home as a gift for his family? Kevin said: "My mom purchased a property, my sister got one too. What I'm most happy about is my no longer needs to worry about me. My mom can finally relax." Kevin disclosed he is beginning to want to start a family, get married and have kids. His mother has also encouraged him to find a partner, but he still has not found someone suitable. When he encounters someone right, he will get married. Asked if he'll reduce his workload and focus more on finding a girl? He said: "Actually I've already lessen my work. Last year I filmed 4 series, this year I only chose to participate in 2. I'm spending the rest of my time on my new album and living my own life." What is his criteria when choosing a partner? Kevin laughed: "A female, single, compatible with me, smart, has wisdom, and actually the looks isn't that important."


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