Sunday, July 14, 2013

Moses Chan Holds Wedding Banquet in Canada Like an Emperor

As [Oriental Daily] predicted, Moses Chan and Aimee Chan are holding their wedding banquet in Canada on July 17th. However, the couple have not invited their friends from the entertainment industry. Moses plans to invite his good friends out for dinner when he gets back to HK. After attending yesterday's event, he will be heading to Canada. Yesterday Moses had happiness written all over his face. When speaking of the rumored wedding banquet, Moses said: "Predicted, but I want to keep my personal life low key. (Will your wife be wearing a wedding dress? How about a tea ceremony?) Not sure. As the purpose is to hold a wedding banquet, we will have the appropriate ceremonies."

Moses expressed he will not be in Canada for long. Asked where Aimee is having her baby? He said: "Haven't decided yet. Wait until later when she comes back. We still have time. (Is the baby a boy or girl?) Not sure. (Thought of names yet?) I haven't really thought about a lot of things. (Accompany Aimee in labor?) Try my best. (Reduce jobs for rest of the year?) I hope to balance both sides." Asked of Aimee's current condition, Moses expressed she is doing well. Reporters asked if Aimee is pregnant with twins? He joked: "Let 'jum' check check first."


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