Thursday, July 25, 2013

Kate Tsui Not Wasting Time, Find Mr. Right and Go Right into Marriage

Yesterday Kate Tsui, Sammy Sum and William Chak attended the promotional event of TVB Pearl drama Elementary. Kate appeared to have slimmed down, she disclosed she is preparing to shoot a fashion commercial, thus she has to eat less and exercise more to lose weight. She has already lost several pounds.

Asked if her weight loss might shrink her cup size? She laughed: "I never really had much anyway. Its more like my wallet is shrinking because the weight loss machine cost money too. This is my fourth year collaborating with the slimming company, and I get a raise each time we collaborate. I'm very pleased." In the past year, Kate has been so busy, its impossible to ever finish working. She disclosed she will be heading to Taiwan to shoot a new film, then flying over to Singapore for promotions, then to Genting for a concert and finally to Beijing for the film festival.

Since she's earning so much now, does she intend to buy another home? She said: "What do you mean another? I'm currently living with my mother, but I promised her I'll be a homeowner this year and have my parents live comfortably after retirement. The housing prices are just too high, I will have to wait until the prices fall a little first before I'm capable of buy one."

Asked whether she plans to buy a mansion? She said: "No, but my mom has her own expectations on a home. Well I do want her to live comfortably too. (Does she have high expectations on your choice of boyfriend too?) She has rushed me, she said its urgent, but I don't want to be impulsive. She told me not to waste any more time, I must choose a right one and date the guy only if he is a marriagable partner. Even my friends are trying to introduce me to guys now, but I don't want to be impulsive."


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