Thursday, July 25, 2013

Aimee Chan's father is pleased with Moses Chan

According to Hong Kong media reports, actress Aimee Chan's father was initially a little unhappy with the lovebirds' abrupt marriage. However, he was eventually moved by Moses's sincerity and has given them his blessings.

Moses, who reportedly spent HK$5 million (approximately S$8.1 million) on his betrothal gifts to please his parent-in-laws, was beaming with happiness even when he was spotted returning to Hong Kong alone yesterday.

Being four months pregnant, Aimee has decided to stay in Canada to prepare for childbirth '“ and word on the street is that she will return to Hong Kong for her delivery in August.

In response to rumour, the smiley father-to-be teased reporters, 'Tell you later?'

While the gender of their unborn child still remains a secret, Moses revealed that the couple is now busy deciding on the name and getting ready for his/her arrival.


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