Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Elaine Ng is dating again

The ex-actress who gave birth to Jackie Chan’s daughter in 1999 and raised her independently admits to reporters that she is back in the dating scene again but denies that she is in a relationship.

Recently, Elaine was caught bringing ‘Xiao Long Nu’ (a nickname for her daughter) to dinner with a middle-aged man and his three-year-old son at a hilltop restaurant. After dinner, the four of them strolled to a nearby viewing deck to enjoy the night scene. Xiao Long Nu was seen holding hands and playing with the boy, while a blissful looking Elaine and her date followed behind closely.

During a phone interview, the 40-year-old explained that it was a meeting with a good friend from Shanghai and his wife was also present that day. Elaine also joked that she would let reporters know if she is dating someone.

When asked about her expectations of a future companion, she said, “He will need to have a stable income to look after the family and more importantly, to love my daughter as his own.”


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