Friday, July 5, 2013

Lee Hyori confirms she's marrying Lee Sang Soon

After all the speculation about Lee Hyori and her three-year boyfriend Lee Sang Soon's upcoming marriage, Lee Hyori herself has stepped up to confirm that the rumors are true.

On July 4 KST, she posted to her official fan cafe: "If I start with the conclusion, it's true that I'm getting married. We've discussed that we'd like to have our wedding around September, but we haven't officially told our parents yet."

Lee Hyori continued, "We haven't had a formal family meeting, prepared wedding invitations, or anything else so far. I needed time yesterday and today to decide how to tell everyone," explaining why she stayed silent about the issue for a while.

"It's an extremely personal matter, and I'm not quite ready, so I wanted to tell you all myself when I was sure. But as always, it's not that easy. I wanted to announce it at the right time in a more beautiful way, so I feel a bit sorry to our fans. Now that it's turned out like this, we'll prepare well and do well. Please congratulate us because we're getting married and living a happy life together. I feel like I'm demanding this from you. We'll try to work hard to live a good life together. To my fans who aren't ready to send me off yet, should we have a shot of soju tonight? It's a relief that the bottle doesn't have my face on it anymore. I love you."

Well, it looks like one of K-pop's most loved artists will soon be off the market, but most fans probably want to send their congratulations!


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