Sunday, July 7, 2013

Ron Ng Hopes to Make HK$30 Million of "Wife Savings"

Yesterday Ron Ng and Priscilla Wong an event held at Uptown Plaza. Ron disclosed he is currently busy shooting a Mainland drama, and had just came back to HK to promote for TVB new series Triumph in the Skies II. He will be starting another TVB series in August. Asked if he earned enough in Mainland? He laughed: "Nope! (You want to make HK$30 million to buy a home?) Yup! I want a bigger house for my future wife and mother to live in. If they don't get along, then I could hide in it!"

Showing off her long beautiful legs, Priscilla expressed just got back from touring four Asian countries for TVB travel show Pilgrimage of Wealth 2. Asked if she appeared on camera with a bikini? She laughed and said her co-host Tony Hung discriminated her skinny figure.


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