Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Ron Ng won't date a celebrity

TVB actor Ron Ng revealed that he has no intentions of settling down at the moment, but hopes to marry a non-celebrity when the time comes.

As reported on HK Channel, the "Triumph In The Skies II" actor, who recently dismissed relationship rumours with actress Kelly Fu, disclosed that he has no intentions of dating anybody at the moment.

"I want to focus on my career," said the 33-year-old actor, who confidently added that he will be able to get married regardless of his age.

However, Ron revealed that he wishes to marry someone outside of show business, saying that being with an actress would narrow their scope of interaction.

"We will have nothing to talk about at home. I already know almost everything about filming. There is no need to be with another person who knows the same thing. What else there is to do then? Gossiping about other artistes?"

Although he would not completely reject the idea of dating another artiste, Ron is not convinced about being in a relationship at the moment, as his busy schedule will only cause trouble for his relationship.
The actor further added that he dislikes clingy girls and that certain types of women may not understand his personality and ways of thinking.

"I like to keep things to myself and women whom I dated in the past thought that I kept secrets from them. That's when the conflict begins," he said.


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