Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Raymond Lam brings girlfriend to film set

Actor Raymond Lam has not been focusing well during his filming in Hendian, as he missed his girlfriend Karena Ng, who is in Hong Kong, which caused the filming crew much distress.

As reported on HK Channel, a production crew member of Raymond's upcoming drama, "The First Empress" recently complained, "The weather has been really hot and it's hard to film period dramas in a 40-degree weather. The lead actress Wang Luodan also does not get along very well with Raymond until now."

He revealed that Raymond suddenly took leave to go back to Hong Kong, allegedly to meet up with Karena, which caused more issues on set.

The crew member stated, "When he is not around, we had to use a body double. Action scenes may be easy to film with body doubles, but not other scenes. Even when we use one, we still have to re-shoot when he returns. We're not happy with this."

It was also reported that Raymond finally decided to take Karena Ng with him to Hengdian after his return to Hong Kong on 13 July, so that they can spend more time together.

The actress was spotted accompanying Raymond to the film set on 15 May and stayed inside his car while Raymond worked.


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