Friday, July 5, 2013

Gaile Lok broke after divorce

Rumour has it that a few months after leaving her ex-husband, Leon Lai, Hong Kong-based model, Gaile Lok is now broke.

As reported on HK Channel, in June, the 32-year-old was seen at a bar in Central, Hong Kong with a female friend for an all-you-can-eat buffet plus white wine for HKD 188 but criticising about the expensive prices.

She was also seen window shopping later on, but walked away when the pair of sandals that she liked cost over HKD 10,000, which used to be a small amount when she was still married to the Cantopop Heavenly King.

A source claimed, "Gaile did not take any alimony from Leon in exchange for her freedom. But because of her divorce, Leon's manager refused to give her jobs, so now she has to turn to old brand managers for work."

On 3 October 2012, Gaile Lok and Leon Lai announced their separation, citing "different philosophies in life" after four years of marriage. It was alleged that the model wants a more exciting life that the reserved Leon was unable to give her.


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