Monday, July 8, 2013

Gillian Chung was two-timed by Korean ex-boyfriend

According to Hong Kong media reports, Gillian Chung, 32, responded that it was a matter of time before she broke up with Tyler, her Korean ex-boyfriend. However, she added that the both of them can still be friends.

She explained that the two of them did not work out because of their varying lifestyles. Tyler, who was born and raised in America, was an outgoing person whereas Gillian preferred to unwind in the comfort of her home.

The Hong Kong singer-actress also added that the both of them had communication problems. She clarified during a press interview, “When [I was] out with his friends, I did not understand their conversation neither could I participate. At times, I will also get angry when he doesn’t understand what I am trying to say.”

Even so, rumours are rife that Tyler was cheating on Gillian with a Korean trainee artiste. Netizens observed on weibo that Gillian’s friends, Charlene Choi and Joey Yung, have both unfollowed Tyler. As such, it led members of the public to believe that the accusation carried some truth in it; Gillian has yet to respond to reports of her ex-boyfriend’s infidelity.


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