Monday, July 15, 2013

Joey Meng denies harsh treatment on set

Actress Joey Meng recently denied rumours about her receiving harsh treatment on the filming set of TVB series, "Gilded Chopsticks" in mainland China.

According to Wenweipo, previously, it was rumoured that the actress has had a bad time shooting the series. Not only was her co-star Ben Wong prone to demand script changes spontaneously during filming, the drama crew also did not prepare her lunch during filming breaks.

It was alleged that the actress cried as soon as she saw her husband when she arrived at the Hong Kong airport, fuelling rumours that the actress was not treated fairly at the set.

However, while speaking to the media at the "A Change Of Heart" finale dinner event, Joey exclaimed, "We're having a good time tonight. I will tell you everything when "Gilded Chopsticks" airs!"

She also denied rumours that she was treated unfairly by TVB, saying, "That's not true. I have filmed three different series with TVB and had a pleasant time with other stars."

In regards to her airport drama, she clarified, "I tear up every time I see my husband at the airport. It's just that the media never reported it before! My husband even told me not to be such a cry-baby and greet him with a smile instead so I told him to bring me flowers the next time he picks me up!"


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