Thursday, July 25, 2013

Aaron Kwok have a new love interest

Is love in the air for Aaron Kwok? According to media reports, the heavenly king has been secretly meeting 26-year-old Chinese model Anna Kay whenever she travels to Hong Kong for work.

Anna, who is also Jaycee Chan’s former rumoured girlfriend, was spotted being fetched to Aaron’s apartment in the Tai Hang district in his van last Friday. Fellow residents revealed that the van arrived outside the carpark at noon and the model was spotted walking into the building hurriedly with her head bent low.

Six hours after they met, Aaron was seen driving out alone in his sports car before returning with bags of groceries. Later that night, the singer-actor drove to Wanchai to pick up some takeaway food. Reappearing only on Saturday evening, Anna checked the surroundings before boarding the van to return to China.

Sources also claimed that Anna was introduced to Aaron by Julian Cheung, her co-star in the Chinese movie Natural Born Lover. As Aaron was still attached to Lynn Xiong at that time, the two were just friends.

In addition, the 47-year-old actor-singer who is said to be enjoying his bachelorhood, has reportedly been keeping a distance from Christine Kuo, the alleged third party who caused his break-up with Lynn. “He thinks that he is not suitable to have a ‘regular’ girlfriend,” an insider said.


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