Monday, July 15, 2013

Ron Ng denies relationship with Kelly Fu again

Once again, Ron Ng has debunked rumours about a romance with his "Triumph In The Skies II" co-star Kelly Fu.

As reported on Singpao, after new actress Kelly Fu's recent interview in which she talked about the possibility of romance with Ron Ng, the pair appeared ill at ease with each other at a recent press conference for "Triumph In The Skies II".

Although both Ron and Kelly finally allowed the media to take a picture of them together, they did not interact with each other otherwise.

When asked about their relationship, an annoyed Ron replied, "You are mistaken. I have told you numerous times that she is only a friend. We are not dating. She told me that she never said anything about us being a couple and the reporter misquoted her."

Pressed whether he is upset about the rumours, Ron reiterated, "I have no feelings about it. I consider it publicity."


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