Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Angelababy: I'll talk when it's confirmed

Model-actress Angelababy is very calm about her rumoured breakup, telling the media that she will only talk when there is actually something to confirm.

As reported on Xinhua, previously, rumours were rife that Angelababy and her alleged boyfriend, Huang Xiaoming, have called it quits, after fans saw that the two of them were no longer on each other's Weibo list, fuelled by reports saying that she has been spotted meeting an old flame at a hotel.

It is speculated that the two of them broke up due to Angelababy's decision to focus on her blooming career.

However, at a jewellery brand event in Beijing recently, Angelababy simply responded, "I'll let the press know when it's [the breakup] confirmed."

The model-actress later posted on her Weibo, "News such as this appears all the time. I haven't been following up with them."


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