Friday, July 5, 2013

Lee Hyori predicts IU to be the hoobae artist who can surpass her

Lee Hyori picked IU as the hoobae artist who can surpass even the K-pop queen herself.

On the June 2nd broadcast of 'Story on Woman Show', when asked if she thinks there is a singer that can follow in her footsteps, Lee Hyori responded, "I think there is just only one of me. Of course, there are others who have cool charms as well, but everyone has their own unique charms, so I don't think I can say there is an artist who is exactly like me."

"As I promote as a solo artist, I think of Uhm Jung Hwa sunbae. Whenever I have these thoughts, 'Aren't I too old now? I think I'm too old to be a dance singer now...', I think of Uhm Jung Hwa senior."

"I think that I should be a sunbae artist who also gives courage to my hoobaes. Whenever my hoobaes get worn out and feel like quitting, I want them to think, 'Ah, there is still Hyori unni. I want to try it like Hyori unni.' So I'd be happy if I can serve as that kind of inspiration, but if they were to follow me in the sense that they set out trying to do everything the same as me, I don't they will end up like me."

"If I were to talk about a hoobae artist who might continue in my footsteps, I want to mention IU. She is a hoobae who has the potential to go much farther than me [in her career] with her totally different charm."


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