Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Joey Meng explains issues in Mainland China

Actress Joey Meng finally addressed rumours about being bullied at the set of her period drama in mainland China in June, Oriental Daily reported.

Previously, it was alleged that the actress had been experiencing a hard time shooting her mainland drama as she was reportedly given scripts at the last minute.

It was also reported that the mainland actors would take all of the food prepared by the Hong Kong production crew, leaving her and the rest of the Hong Kong actors without anything to eat.

Although the actress declined to talk about the rumours earlier, she finally made clarified at an event in Sheung Wan recently, saying, "It was not as bad as how it was reported. Actors should communicate with each other before filming. That way we can all prepare our roles according to script."

In regards to the food situation, Joey said that it was only a misunderstanding, as she was the only vegetarian on the set.

"The food crew forgot about that, but it's not their fault," she humbly added.


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