Monday, July 8, 2013

Christine Kuo is on strict diet regime

TVB actress Christine Kuo revealed that she is in the midst of a strict diet regime to return to her original figure, after TVB raised concerns over her ballooning figure.

According to Sina, at the grand opening event of the Yata Department Store in Tsuen Wan on 1 July, the actress admitted that she is currently dieting to lose some weight.

Christine disclosed, "I am taking traditional Chinese medicine right now, as well as adding more vegetables in my meal. I stopped consuming carbohydrates; eat less meat and more greens."

"I do want to return to my original size. It is really sad when you are criticised for your weight, as if your improvements in your career meant nothing at all."

The actress had already lost an endorsement with The Beauty due to her weight increase and was replaced by actress Annie Liu.

At the event, Japanese model-actress Matsuoka Lee was dressed up in a cutesy lettuce dress while Christine opted for a more conventional tight white sweater and bright green pants.

The actress clarified, "[The organizers] want me to wear clothes that fit my identity. We want to encourage people to eat more vegetables. That is why we're wearing this!"


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