Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Leon Lai & Gaile Lok's divorce rumors circulate again

Leon Lai and Gaile Lok have been married for 4 years, and it is again rumored that they're getting a divorce! Yesterday a reader disclosed to [Oriental Daily] that the couple were divorced last week and Gaile went back to her home in the U.S. [Oriental Daily] contacted Gaile to confirm, but the call didn't go through. Her management admitted Gaile is back in the US, but: "We haven't heard of such thing (divorce). If you want to know, then ask her."

Leon's manager accepted an interview and said Leon is currently in HK. In regards to the divorce rumors: "The management never talks about artists' personal matters. We will not respond to such nonsense." Leon's record company criticizes: "Nonsense, a practical joke!"

In fact, it had already been rumored last year that there were changes in their marriage, but earlier Leon admitted he bought his wife a mansion in San Francisco and proved the rumor false. Because earlier when Gaile attended an event, she appeared extremely sexy and tried to remain chaste after marriage, the divorce rumor circulated again.


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