Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Priscilla Wong's TVB series with Ruco Chan feels like she won first prize

Ruco Chan, Priscilla Wong, Louise Lee and Leung Ka Kei attended the costume fitting for TVB new series Heart of Road GPS[. In the series, Ruco plays a director and will pair up with Priscilla, who stars in her first TV series, as an assistant director. Priscilla worked as a program presenter at iCable and recently joined TVB. In her debut series, Priscilla will get quite a bit of screen time because earlier, TVB executive Catherine Tsang expressed she would get a role who has more than one line. Priscilla laughed: "It feels like I won first prize!" Then Ruco added: "You are my first prize!"

Recently, Ruco frequently gets appointed to lead the newcomers, he said: "When shooting The Other Truth, Tavia Yeung and the others were leading me for a long time. (You're considered Tavia's senior!) Tavia won many awards and got recognition from the audience." During the time, Ruco asked Priscilla with interest: "Have you watched my series when you were young?" Priscilla played along: "In the past few years I've been always watching you." She reveals her good friend Leung Ka Kei told her shooting series is really exhausting, she said: "She told me to bring my pajamas to the set, so I could sleep there!" Ruco gave advice as her senior: "When you think of each and everything as a challenge, then it won't be exhausting anymore!"


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