Tuesday, October 23, 2012

S.H.E ogles handsome Italian men in Milan

While in Milan for their new album cover shoot, Taiwanese girl group S.H.E. has enjoyed every moment despite the hectic work schedule.

Besides sightseeing, shopping, and eating, they also had a good time scoping out the local guys. The girls are most attracted to the Italians' physique, especially their well-toned behinds.

Hebe jokingly commented, "The people here are all so well-toned. We'll review and rate their [bum] whenever we're free. We Asians need to accept our fate [not having such a well-toned behind]!"

This trip to Milan has given S.H.E a chance to reunite, especially since Selina and Ella have both gotten married.

Both said, "It's good to leave your other half sometimes and spend quality time with your best friends."

S.H.E recently released a 30 second preview of their new song, Hua Dou Kai Hao Le on Oct 22. The full version will only be released globally on Oct 24.


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