Sunday, October 14, 2012

Aaron Yan hopes to marry young wife at 45

Eager to follow in the footsteps of his labelmates, Aaron Yan hopes to settle down soon, just like his seniors, Selina Jen and Ella Chen, who got married this year and last year respectively.

Single for three years, the 25-year-old joked that he has been “suppressing his desires” for work, which is ranked top priority for now. Hoping to retire and marry at the age of 45 years old, the Fahrenheit member wants to walk down the aisle with a 28-year-old wife in future.

Talking about Ella’s relationship with her husband, Alvin Lai, he shared, “I once met Ella at the high-speed rail station and she was all over him, lying on her husband’s chest and flirting openly with him.”

Following the success of his previous solo album, Aaron Yan will be releasing his new album The Moment this October and mounting pressure from the album preparation has disrupted Aaron’s sleeping habits. To protect his throat and to control his diet, Aaron has been abstaining from spicy hotpot which he calls his “stress-reliever”.

Aaron lamented that this “double-blow” has caused him to lose 7kg in less than two months, weighing only 61kg at the moment.

He added “But nowadays I’m forcing myself to sleep before midnight. Hopefully I will become healthier by sleeping early.”


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