Monday, October 29, 2012

Louisa So's Severe Menstrual Pain While Filming, Ends Up in Emergency Room

Recently, Louisa So became the spokesperson for a pain reliever drug. Yesterday she was shooting the commercial for the product. During the interview, she exposed one of her embarrassing moments. One time when she was filming a TV series, coincidentally her period came and she was eventually sent to the emergency room because she couldn't handle the severe menstrual pain. She said: "One time while I was working, my menstrual pains was hurting me badly, but because of the time constraint, I tried my best to hold it in. Then the pain started getting worse and I couldn't even walk anymore. A colleague saw the drastic changes in my facial expressions and rushed me to the emergency room."

Louisa laughed she has really good personal integrity as an actress. When she's working and feels unwell, she will just persist until the end. That was on her only experienced, where she couldn't handle it. She said: "I affected the entire crew, now that I think back to it, I feel stupid."


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