Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Mimi Lo & Power Chan Welcomes their 7.3 lb "Long Leg" Baby Girl Jan Chan

TVB artists Mimi Lo and Power Chan's 7.3 pound baby girl, Jan Chan, was born yesterday at the Hong Kong Baptist Hospital. The nurse praised Jan's big eyes and pair of beautiful long legs! When asked whether Mimi was emotional or cried? Power said: "She was rubbing her eyes and even said other babies crying sounds annoying, but when her baby cries, she thinks she sounds cute. I went in to cut the umbilical cord too. What I was most nervous was, I was afraid the scissors might hurt the baby! (Go for another baby?) I think we'll have another one in the next one or two years, so our daughter could have someone to play and grow up with her, but leave it all to fate."

When asked who the baby resembles more of, the mother or father? Power laughed and said 80% of the people think Jan looks more like her mother. Their daughter is named after Bruce Lee's character "Chan Jan" in the film Fist of Fury, which is also Mimi's favorite film. As a father for the fist time, Power reveals Mimi was crying when she told her mother-in-law over the phone and expressed they aren't young anymore, but are already matured when they welcomed the new life into this world.

As for Mimi's comeback? Power said his wife will be reducing working on-screen, but will have a performance in Mainland in December. He hopes the family of three can work together in the future, so her daughter can see more of the outside world and expand her horizon. When asked if Mimi is the type to get a tattoo? He said: "Tattoos hurt the nutrition. She'll be breastfeeding as well and also she's a singer, she can still sing even without tattoos. She won't mind." Also, Mimi posted a photo her with her newborn and husband Power on the hospital bed. She wrote: "Mission accomplished!"


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