Monday, October 15, 2012

Kathy Chow Returns to TVB Not For the Money

The artists' poaching crisis has been affecting TVB as they are in a shortage of Siu Sangs and FaDans. In response, TVB actively tried to recruit veterans back to rescue them, the most recent one is Kathy Chow. Yesterday she appeared at TVB City for the Sniper Attack 2013 sales presentation costume fitting. Kathy's last series with TVB was In the Chamber of Bliss, when asked what did TVB do this time to convince her to come back? She said: "Actually TVB invites me back to shoot series every year, but this time the story is really good and my co-stars are my old partners Eddie Cheung and Michael Tse. We all know each other well and it's a modern series. If it was a costume series, then no." Following E.U, will she be continuing her fate with Michael? Kathy said: "Nope, my romantic storyline is with Eddie Cheung."

Kathy reveals Sniper Attack 2013 will start shooting in December, but is shooting the sales presentation clip now. However, it turns out she hasn't signed the TVB Per-Series contract yet. She said: "I'm still discussing with TVB, still haven't signed yet, but it's not a money issue. We are still discussing the other contract terms and I'll leave it to my manager to handle it."

Facing threats from the new television station CTI and other Mainland production companies poaching artists, TVB has been losing their Siu Sangs and Fadans and are actively recruiting veterans back to rescue them. When asked whether TVB had approached her to sign a management contract with them before, Kathy said: "Honestly, we really have discussed it, but I like to have more space. Also, the TVB contract is focused on shooting HK TV series and rarely in China. I didn't have a manager for two years, I just went to discuss the contracts myself, it was only recently I signed with Xing Mei."


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