Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Koo Ming Wa "So Gay" Does Not Think TVB is Ignoring him

Yesterday Koo Ming Wa (So Gay) attended Metro Radio's Karaoke Marathon 2012. Because So Gay has been so popular after Divas In Distress, his appearance really boosted the atmosphere. Although he got off-key when he was singing, but he still attracted a lot of audience singing along with him. So Gay frankly expressed his jobs and income has increased, "It's better than the time of zero. TVB is treating me well, and helping me get more jobs. At the end of this month, I will be going out for stage performances, but the most important is that I'm enjoying my work. I cannot worry too much about money, trying to make money in a rush is no good."

However, a popular artist comes with a price, So Gay expressed: "Recently, in some interviews, questions about my daughter has been asked. Because she's at the awkward age of 14, she does mind that I mention her and felt a little unhappy. Life changes is quite contradictory, so I will have to learn to be more careful."

When speaking of good friend Wong He, speaking up for him on a radio program, that because Virgina was playing favorites, So Gay wasn't able to be part of the TVB big group picture. When asked if he feels like he's getting ignored? So Gay expressed: "Nope. In the past, when I had financial difficulties, I was able to get some dubbing jobs. TVB has so many artists, how can Miss Lok look after everybody? But when it comes to me, TVB treats me well and have already arranged me to take part in the awards ceremony in Malaysia. (But then you're not part of the TVB awards?) The nomination list hasn't been announced yet. It's already enough that the audience knows me. In fact, the 'one person per vote' may not be fair either because its going to be a competition of who has the most fans." Wong He was standing up for him, is he worried Miss Lok may be upset? "I understand he (Wong He) just wants to speak up for those artists with talent, but does not get the opportunities. We all just want the company to keep on improving."


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