Sunday, October 21, 2012

Joey Yung Defends Fans, Angrily Scolds the Security: "Don't Push Them!"

Last night, Joey Yung held her Number 6 World Tour Concert Genting Highlands, Malaysia. She appeared in 6 different looks - sexy, glamorous, wild and cute. When fans were singing along with her, Joey suddenly shouted to stop the music and scolded angrily at the security personnel, "Don't push them!" She appeared very angry because she saw the security violently pushing the fans, so she had no other choice, but to help stand up for her fans.

After Joey finished performing one song, she asked her fans: "Are you guys hurt? I hope everyone just comes here to listen to music happily. There should absolutely not be any use of fists, you can use your eyes to glare at them!"

Then Joey performed several of her classics, and when she got to Accustomed To Falling Out of Love (習慣失戀), she suddenly expressed her feelings: "There will bound to be ups and downs in love, just have no fear, bring out the confidence and keep on going through the path of love. One day, you will find someone who matches you. I want to say, if you haven't fallen out of love before in life, then how will you know what you truly love in the end?" Looks like she's speaking to Wilfred Lau.


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