Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Paul Wong & Athena Chu Share Photos of Their Baby Girl "Roast Pork Bun"

Last night at around 8pm, 48 y/o Paul Wong announced good news on Weibo, the day before his 41 y/o girlfriend Athena Chu's birthday, "Hello everyone, a very beautiful, fresh out of the oven 'char siu bao' wants to let all her friends know: 'My parents and I have safely made it home. Happy Yang Festival everyone." Paul also uploaded three beautiful photos of his newborn baby girl "Char Siu Bao" (roast pork bun).

The baby had thick hair and single-eyelids just like her father Paul, but her nose and little lips looks a lot like her beautiful mommy Athena. She's a natural born beautiful girl. Little 'Char Siu Bao' is certainly one cute baby girl, just a few days ago and already actively moving her hands and feet and even knows how to smile. She was so cute, one would want to take a bite of her chubby cheeks, no wonder Paul nicknamed their baby "Char Siu Bao".

Yesterday reporters tried to contact Paul throughout the entire day, but unfortunately he was too busy looking after his newborn and taking care of Athena, thus did not answer the calls. He did, however, replied through WhatsApp, "My brain is confused, I'm speechless!" Good friends from the industry including, Monica Chan, Ada Choi, Evergreen Mak, Alice Chan and Paul's good brothers from Beyond congratulated the couple.


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