Thursday, October 18, 2012

Him Law willing to sacrifice himself to help Tavia Yeung; TVB Invests in Taiwan

Yesterday Norman Leung hosted a celebration for Divas In Distress to reward the cast and crew. It was rumored Tavia Yeung told rumored boyfriend Him Law to 'sell' himself to TVB in exchange for the TV Queen award. Him said: "I have an artist contract with TVB and we just renewed it, but my management is still Filmko. Firstly, I must fulfill the both contracts. Whatever happens in the future, will think about it then. The reports that said Tavia told me to 'sell' myself to TVB, that is not true at all. Basically, there is no need for me to sell myself, she can just count on her own abilities to become TV Queen, that would be enough. I support her!" If Tavia does become TV Queen, will they announce their relationship? Him said: "That is two different matters. It is not that I'm not willing to sacrifice myself to help her, but that is not necessary. If necessary, I will definitely help out."

At the celebration, Norman surprised Liza Wang. He expressed he personally donated HK$100,000 to the 'Chinese Artist Association of Hong Kong', he said: "I really admire Liza's advocacy for Cantonese opera." Liza responded to the bad-terms rumors with Gigi Wong. She said: "It is all over. That's old news. Basically nothing like that happened and I don't mind collaborating with her again."

TVB Purchases Land in Taiwan for Series Production

Norman announced TVB has acquired some land in Taiwan for 1.6 billion NTD (~HK$427 million). The land will be used for the TVBS headquarters for series productions, an investment totaling 4.5 billion NTD (~HK$120 million). The project is estimated to complete in 2015. Also, TVB and Shanghai Media Group are collaborating in producing a Mainland film, paving the development for TVB artists in Mainland.


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