Wednesday, June 13, 2012

William Chan so thin, legs are as thin as female models

Yumiko Cheng and William Chan appeared at a party in Shanghai. Yumiko was dressed in a long black and sexy dress, but she denied she's going for the sex appeal: "Because I want to be pretty, so I got a little bold. I'm used to taping up my whole body to prevent exposure." William just completed shooting a film, and a friend said he lost 10 pounds, especially on his legs. Apparently his legs are as thin as female models. He's currently eating 6 meals a day to gain the weight back.

Also, Deep Ng will be leading new band CLOSER and charge back into the music industry. He said: "I've been in bands since youth, and now my company is giving me the opportunity, it's a dream come true. I will definitely do my best because I had a lot of negative news in the past, I really hope to get closer with the public and wait for them to clearly see the true side of me."


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