Saturday, June 9, 2012

Roger Kwok Rely on a Stiff Concrete Role: Reach Another Peak in Career

As a notable TV King, there are no doubts in Roger Kwok's acting. He currently hopes to reach another peak in his career, but how could he make a breakthrough? He will have to make a change.

ROGER: "Many people have asked me if I've reached the highest peak in my acting career? In fact, I think I could reach another peak, but I may not necessarily have to rely on comedies, but rather a very concrete and strong character, just like Last One Standing or Wax and Wane. Looking back at my achievements, I actually feel quite indifferent on awards. In this industry, the words 'deserved' is not just given to you because of awards, but actually through the eyes of the audience. I know how much effort I put into something, and I'm not trying to wait for luck to come. Back then, when I got the TV King award, indeed I gained a lot more fame, jobs and income. Thereafter, I consistently had more jobs and every series great reaction. Even today, people are still giving me jobs for stage performances and commercials, so I do believe awards help in the career, but in the long-term, it all comes down to yourself and how much effort you put into the work.

I can say I've been with TVB the longest. Although I did leave for 3 years, but I eventually came back. It's not that TVB employees aren't hardworking, just that the Hong Kong market is small. The well-being just can't be compared to foreign countries, at least there's a labor union to support newcomers. I heard they are paid based on how many words they have to say. Fala Chen has told me before, we don't even know how much a freelance actor that has lines in the US is paid. But, we can't blame this on TVB, the market is just too small. How can they split one cookie with 3,000 employees. You want the bigger share and want to eat more, then you have to count on your own hard work!

There are people each year that have asked me to 'leave' [TVB], and there has been a lot more recently. Even Ricky Wong has approached me. I told him I still have some years left in my contract with TVB and don't want him to waste time on me. I'm not fussing, no one knows the future and I just don't want to waste people's time, but I'm very happy to have met this friend. I entered the TVB big family when I was 22 years old and have developed a relationship with all the directors, producers and even the makeup artists. Money can't buy these relationships. At the moment, I never thought of leaving, unless TVB doesn't want me anymore or perhaps TVB stops shooting series!

Epilogue: True Nature, Zero Hiding

In reality, Roger Kwok definitely doesn't personify 'Ah Wong'. He speaks clearly, concisely and doesn't beat about the bush. He is natural, direct and doesn't conceal anything. When speaking of his family, he unexpectedly revealed a very blessed expression; When speaking of his bitter times and a significant person that has helped him in life, he took a moment and really thought about it. He got very emotional when thinking back and slight redness was forming in his eyes. What we can be certain is that Roger Kwok is a person who has rich relationships.


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