Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Andy Lau continues to keep his newborn's identity a mystery

How far would Hong Kong superstar Andy Lau go to keep the identity of his baby girl a mystery?
Ever since the 50-year-old joined the ranks of celebrity fathers in May, he had gone all out to protect the identity of his newborn and even decided to skip the customary baby shower for his baby girl for fear of his family losing their privacy.
To celebrate the actor's fan-club, Andy World Club's 24th anniversary and his daughter's one-month on Saturday, Andy held a gathering to fulfill the promise he made to his fans after his baby girl was born. He shared a photo collage that illustrated his family of three holding hands. The baby girl's hand was in the middle flanked by Andy and his wife, Carol Zhu.
Hundreds of fans attended the gathering and director Ann Hui, whom Andy worked with in A Simple Life, was also present.
According to fans who attended the gathering, Andy looked thinner than before he took "maternity leave" from work. His voice was also hoarse. The actor was however, unable to hide his happiness when he revealed to hise fans that the baby girl weighed nine pounds (4.08kg) now.
The superstar then posted a heartwarming message on his official site that night after the fan-meet and expressed that, "Because there's love surrounding us, our family felt warm."


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