Wednesday, June 27, 2012

'Tiger Cubs' celebrates weekend broadcast success, Joe Ma relieved

TVB new weekend series Tiger Cubs premiered on Sunday. The first episode averaged at 29 points and peaked at 30 points, making it the highest rated series of last week. Yesterday the cast celebrated the success as well as lead actor Joe Ma's 44th birthday. Mandy Wong, JJ Jia and Kayi Cheung gave him blow kisses. Kenneth Ma later gave Joe a birthday hug. The producer then asked Vincent Wong and Him Law to embrace, making it a funny moment.

Joe is very pleased with the ratings, when asked if he felt relieved? He smiled: "Yes, yes." He believed its necessary to fumble when the series is airing at a new time slot. Initially, they thought the ratings would just be between 23-25 points, but now with such good results, the cast and crew are very excited and hopes the ratings continues to rise. As viewers complained of the terrifying scenes? Joe explained: "These are often the cases that require SDU's assistance. The future cases will continue to be bloody and violent, so that's why the series is broadcasting in the late evenings." It was said the series plagiarized the film Breaking News? He said: "Police films are inevitably linked to robberies, most important is the acting and artists giving off a fresh feeling. That is how viewers can watch happily." Joe reveals he'll be treating the entire cast and crew for a celebration later this evening and will bring his wife and son along.

The producer exposed Kenneth and JJ's kiss scene NGed several times, Kenneth laughed: "All thanks to the behind-the-scenes crew, if it wasn't the microphone having issues, then there were problems with the lighting." However, after JJ had a kiss scene with Oscar Leung the other day, she didn't want to kiss any other person anymore because she thought he was the best to kiss. JJ denied she said such thing, and said Oscar was just speaking nonsense.


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