Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Cecilia Cheung receives backlash for being overprotective

Netizens asked as they criticized Hong Kong actress Cecilia Cheung after accounts of the star's friend shining a torchlight into a parent's eye surfaced. The latter had reportedly tried to take a photo of the actress when she was in Hong Kong City Plaza's Jumping Gym with her son, Quintus Tse.

A parent recognized the 32-year-old at the playground when Cecilia was there with her son last week and tried to take a photo of the actress. However, when the actress' friend saw the parent doing so, she used a torchlight to shine into the parent's eye.
The incident then spread like wildfire on the Internet and netizens expressed their unhappiness with the actress. A netizen expressed angrily that "it is too much! Do you think you are great just because you are star?"

Soon after, other parents joined in the discussion and claimed that the actress' actions would be a bad influence to her children. One even sarcastically suggested that Cecilia "should open her own playground." Cecilia could not be reached for comments at press time.
In other related news, Cecilia's ex-husband Nicholas Tse was spotted having a great time with his mother Deborah Li, her husband and Nicholas's sister over a meal last week.


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