Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Fan Bingbing denies being involved in Zhang Ziyi’s sex scandal

Chinese actress Fan Bingbing, the alleged mastermind behind international actress Zhang Ziyi's scandal with fallen politician Bo Xilai, has denied all accusations and vowed to take legal action.

Renowned film critic, Bi Cheng-gong claimed on his microblog that Bingbing was the mastermind behind Ziyi's sex scandal. He let on that the Chinese actress had been putting together her plan since March this year and had wanted to spread the rumours approximately a month before Ziyi's new movie premieres. The 30-year-old had reportedly assembled a team just to execute her plan.

Cheng-gong wrote on his microblog, "Fan Bingbing is addicted to throwing her weight around and is infamous in the industry for this."

The actress had since denied all accusations and claimed that the film critic's words were inaccurate and defamatory. Bingbing has asked for RMB500,000 (S$100,000) to compensate her for mental stress caused by Cheng-gong's accusations. She also requested for the critic to stop invading her privacy and to formally apologize to her.

In other related news, Ziyi seems determined to discover the truth. She wrote on her microblog on Monday night that "suing the media [that spread the rumours] is not the end. The end is the rumour starter".


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