Monday, June 4, 2012

Aaron Kwok pays Lynn Hung's father's medical bills

Lynn Hung was apparently touched when her boyfriend and Hong Kong actor Aaron Kwok forked out over HKD$1 mil (S$166,770) for her father's medical bills.

After Lynn's father was diagnosed with cancer, Aaron reportedly told the actress to arrange the best doctor and hospital for his future father-in-law. He also offered to foot the bill for the family.

In the recent weeks, the actress had arranged for her father to be hospitalised and to undergo treatments for his illness. The hospital bill was speculated to have chalked up a huge sum but luckily for Lynn, the financial burden was lightened with the help of her boyfriend.
Lynn, who was spotted with her father at the hospital some time ago, refused to comment more on the current situation.

The next day, the actress was seen at a pet shop with her parents. Although it was dinner time then, the family of three reportedly headed home to cook instead of dining out, so as to save cost.


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