Sunday, June 10, 2012

Niki Chow won't be upset that her debut designs gets stepped on

Balancing between her singing and acting career, Niki Chow recently turned into a designer and launches her own line of shoes. Earlier, Niki collaborated with Venilla Suite, a brand under the company I.T, and released a crossover collection of shoes. Since childhood, Niki been passionate for design, so this time it's a dream come true for her. Niki also does not mind if people steps on her signature, because she only hopes to be able to share her designs with everyone. Later, she'll be launching her own independent brand of daily living products.

R - Reporter
N - Niki Chow

R: This is your first time as a designer?

N: This is my first time designing shoes, and having my own line. When I was in school I studied design before and since then, I've always had a strong interest. The most important point this time is that the collection was truly designed by me, it wasn't just the company using my name to launch their products. However, I can't really play too much with the design because it must be practical, can't be too tight or high, must be wearable.

Previously I made a special trip to Italy and other parts of Europe to shadow the shoe designers there. I've done a lot of research and had several meetings. The greatest challenge in design that I've found was finding the right materials because the materials can actually affect the entire outlook of the design. Like the color black could have several different shades, and there are hundred different types of the color gold. It turns out a pair of shoes could have so many details. Design is really fun and you can learn a lot from it.

A Different Feeling from Singing/Acting

R: How long did it take you to do this design?

N: A half year, considered a smooth process too. They really accommodated me. After I completed the design, they noticed I left out my signature and at the time I was on a trip. Then I just came up with a signature on the train and sent it to them from my phone. They asked me if I would mind if they print my signature on the shoe. It feels like people are stepping on my name, but of course I don't mind at all. The shoes I designed are made for people to wear and if my signature wasn't on the shoes, then where else would it be? I've given my shoes to friends, I want to see people wear them and when I see my shoes being worn, I'll feel happy. I also welcome people wearing my shoes and coming to me for autographs. This feeling is very different from singing and acting. A lot of guys have asked me why I didn't design shoes for men, but for now I don't think I have the confidence to do so.

Share Life Experiences With Everyone

R: Do you want to switch and be a designer?

N: As we slowly get older, there are constant changes and we can't be stuck in just one identity. People can have several different roles. I want to do different things while I'm still young, I really enjoy this kind of life and I'm grateful to have so many people supporting me, allowing me to put my life experiences in the area that I could develop on. I hope to share what I've seen and experienced in life with everyone.

I personally enjoy challenges and trying new things. Now that my dream has come true, I really want to share my experience and let people know that there will be one day where a dream can come true. It's possible.

Change Daily Living Products into Art

R: Aside from shoes, what else do you want to design?

N: I will soon be designing my own brand of daily living products, that could be used in everyday life. I hope to release that by the end of this year. I want to change everyday products into even more of a fashion. Later, I will be going to Europe to take lessons. I really have strong interest in design, and hope to do more in this field.

R: Why do you want to design daily living products?

N: I am a person who really likes to daydream, always thinking, imagining and asking why. That's why I like design and creation, I want to put my thoughts on life and design trivial products that can be conveniently used in everyday life. Coincidentally I met a manufacturer, whom allowed me to launch my own brand. I want to turn everyday products into art. I want to transform the ordinary to non-ordinary, and become mainstream products. In fact, I like interior design too, and if I have more confidence in the future, I want to give it a try.

R: What does fashion mean to you?

N: Simplicity, [fashion] should bring a cozy feeling and function as a convenience to people. I follow this direction as well, the simpler, the prettier. It doesn't have to too complex, simplicity can be very attractive. It is even more difficult to have something simple, but also pretty at the same time.

Hope Mr. Right Finds Her With Glass Slippers

R: Do you think your a trendy person?

N: I think trends should not be followed, it should be created. But others may not follow. Each individual can create a style that belongs to them, do the things that they enjoy and have an unique character, that's how we can be treasured.

When speaking of her designed shoe collection, Niki talked a lot about the concept of her designs. Each pair of shoe has some gold element in them. Gold is a color that Niki likes and a color that brings her luck. Gold is her signature. One of the transparent high heels she designed, the inspiration came from glass slippers, she said: "I have a pair of gold transparent shoes myself. I kept it for 10 years and I still have it. I have a special feeling towards glass slippers, and hope one day my Mr. Right will come find me with glass slippers."

Admires designer Stella McCartney

Asked of Niki's most admired designer? She said: "Many, because each and every one has their own styles. Just like Stella McCartney is very environmental friendly. Many Japanese daily living products designs are very simple, but are also very pretty. They have their own unique style. A person who can find their own direction and be so successful, that's rare. I really admire them. I don't just look at the brand, I look at the inside story of the design as well. I'm not brand name oriented."


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