Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Sonija Kwok caught in a fix

It is rumoured that Hong Kong actress Sonija Kwok's mother is unhappy with her son-in-law's weak financial status and yelled at him on the streets after dinner with the couple.
Married to Chinese action-choreographer Zhu Shaojie, the 37-year-old booked a VIP hospital ward in a France hospital to welcome the arrival of their first baby girl. The actress had however, reportedly footed the bill of SG$20,060 herself, knowing that her husband does not earn as much as her.

Last Thursday, Shaojie was seen accompanying Sonija and her mother out for dinner. However, the action-choreographer was spotted being scolded by the actress' mother along the streets two times in a row as he quickened his pace and pretended nothing happened.

According to a tip-off, Sonija's mother did not know much about Shaojie's financial status when they first got married. Sonija's mother was under the impression that her future son-in-law had a "bright future" after she was told that he owned a production company and has a wide network of contacts. However, it was later revealed to her that Shaojie stays in a rented apartment and owns a "small-scale" production company. It is speculated that Sonija's mother scolded her son-in-law after she found out the actress paid for the hospital bill herself and was unhappy with Shaojie's low income. Caught in the middle, Sonija requested for her husband to tolerate his mother-in-law's demands.


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