Friday, June 22, 2012

Chapman To recovered from rare syndrome: "Got My Life Back"

Late April, Chapman To was diagnosed with the Miller Fisher Syndrome, a rare condition in which patients experience double vision, eye movement abnormalities, weaknesses in the limbs and sensory loss. His body setting off the alarm, Chapman didn't dare to neglect it, and immediately stopped working. It was estimated he lost about 7 figures during his hiatus, however, he deeply understood health is the most important. His wife, Kristal Tin, was very worried and remained in HK to look after him. Fortunately, it was later confirmed his condition was considered minor and with treatment, he can fully recover.

Last night, Chapman attended The Bounty film premiere and was in a great mood as he just returned from the US. He said he already recovered before he left HK, and the doctor approved of him taking the flight. It's a tradition for him to visit his mentor in the US annually, but the magazines said his condition worsen, so he had to seek medical treatment in the US. That was just gossip news. It seems he has put on some weight? Chapman laughed: "I've been sitting, eating and sleeping every day during my break, so I have definitely gained weight. I look just like those New Territories pigs. But, I won't be losing the weight now because my next film Super Manager, I play a manager collaborating with Charlene Choi, so I have to have some weight."

Recalling the time he was ill, the most severe was when he couldn't breathe. He said: "One time I was sitting up straight, suddenly I couldn't breathe. That moment, I thought I was going to die. I really got my life back this time. After getting through this illness, it enlighten me and I learned to take things easy and relax." When speaking of Kristal Tin being the one who was most worried, has he thought of making a will? He said: "I gave everything to my wife already, when I die, she'll be the happiest one and get rich immediately."

Alex Man makes his comeback in new film The Bounty, his wife, nephew and nieces, and good friends from Mainland all attended to support him. Alex gave out "Man" lucky envelopes to the cast on stage. In the film, Fiona Sit plays his daughter and gets double, she said: "With Father Man here, the morale is especially high. Earlier during the end of filming celebration, he wanted Chapman to be his apprentice, so he took off his diamond ring on the spot and gave it to him as a gift."


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