Monday, June 18, 2012

Joyce Cheng and male model Jin get intimate on the MTR

25 year old Joyce Cheng just announced the ending of her 5 year relationship with western boyfriend Mark Ryan. It was said Joyce rapidly hooked up with 31 year old, tall and handsome, 40-inch chest, Korean male model (Jin Chui). The two are often spotted together. Although the two denied they're dating, Jin praises that Joyce is friendly and he does not mind a chubby girlfriend. Even if his girlfriend had 'princess illness', he wouldn't mind. Clearly, he's praising Joyce. Joyce also admits she currently has a pursuer.

Yesterday at 9pm, [Oriental Daily] reporters spotted Joyce and Jin at the Causeway Bay near the MTR station. Jin had his hand on the rail, while Joyce was standing behind him. At one point, she rested her arm on Jin's back, but when she saw onlookers around, she quickly lets go. Later, the two purposely kept their distance while walking, but still constantly chatted. The two seem to have really enjoyed their time together.

On the MTR, the two got on the one with the least people and started becoming more intimate. Joyce leaned on the glass, while Jin stood in front of Joyce. Initially the two were just chatting face to face, but then Jin started leaning closer to Joyce and whispered in her ear, getting closer and closer. At the time, the two just had their eyes on each other and careless about the people around them. Finally, at the Sheung Wan stop, the two got on the taxi and headed back towards Joyce's residence for their next activity.


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