Friday, June 22, 2012

Natalie Tong: Jason Chan didn't dare to touch or kiss me

In TVB new series No Good Either Way, it's considered Natalie Tong and Jason Chan first collaboration as a couple. In terms of entry into the industry, Natalie is Jason's "senior sister" (see jeh), but in terms of age, Jason is Natalie's "elder brother". However, Jason smiled and said Natalie often gave him advice when they were filming, she's very attentive and knows how to look after people. When asked if she's his cup of tea? Jason laughed: "Pretty ok! (Did you two take it a step further?) No! We are friends, sometimes we go out for dinner, it's better with more friends, more to talk about! I really admire her, she's very into her work and is attentive."

Natalie Feels Jason's nervousness

Jason is full of praises for Natalie, but this See Jeh teases him, exposing that he's extremely shy for the kiss scenes. Natalie laughed: "I felt he was nervous. There was one scene about us already dating for a long time, so we hold hands and give goodbye kisses. I told him to give me a kiss, but he just kissed me on the forehead. I said no no, when we actually film, you have to kiss me on the lips! He was really shy, in some scenes where he has to sweetly please me, he didn't dare to touch me. I had to ask him back, can you just touch me? Makes me sound like a creep!"

Jason's like her first boyfriend

But, Natalie said Jason started out quiet, but he later turned talkative. She had to shout for him to stop, just like those overly active children. When asked if she likes 'cute big men'? She said Jason is like her first boyfriend, she said: "Actually his looks and personality are very similar. Although it's our first collaboration, I can easily find his strengths to like him. He's very attentive too, and knows how to look after others to make up for his deficiencies. He has a lot of potential. When we were filming, women 25 and up were just staring at him."


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