Saturday, June 23, 2012

Wilfred Lau announces he's dating Joey Yung

Recently it was rumored Joey Yung and Wilfred Lau are dating. Today when Wilfred attended the costume fitting for CTI new series Second Life, he openly admitted to the relationship with Joey. He said: "I'm pretty happy now, we got together not long ago. (You had rumors with Denise Ho before?) Those were just rumors. (Will this upset Denise?) She was the first person I told. When Joey and I started, we were both single." When asked if Denise is upset with Joey? He said: "Ask her." When speaking of Joey's rumors? He said: "Just ask Joey. I don't know what capabilities I have, but I just want to do what a guy does, other pressures let me handle it."

[Singpao/Mingpao] It was said once Joey and Wilfred sparked, Joey's 'close friend' and Wilfred's ex-rumored girlfriend Denise Ho was upset. Denise wrote on Weibo: "Putting a knife in your heart effortlessly is often the person you thought you could truly trust. Then when these things recur in life, you can only admit that you were just too stupid." It was rumored Wilfred stole Denise's lover and thus she ended their friendship. Currently in Taiwan, Denise had no comment on their relationship. Many people responded on Weibo to encourage her.

Wilfred was asked if he's still friends with Denise, he said: "Denise is forever my best friend. Actually this relationship just started, Joey and I have known each other for many years, and you can say I know her well, she's a good girl. I haven't dated for 4 years and when I encounter a suitable girl, I start to get to know her more, of course she's good, many people like her and I really like her as well. (When did you start liking Joey?) This year, that's how fate is." When asked if Wilfred feels uneasy about Joey in a higher position (in showbiz) than him? He expressed confidently: "I'm a man, have to assume responsibility. I'm okay. (Was the trip to Thailand with Joey the honeymoon?) Enough, that's all I have to say today. I'm shooting this series for 3 months, I believe I won't see reporters!" But, recently on Joey and Wilfred's Weibo, the two really have gotten a lot closer because they often take pictures together. The latest one was of them at Bobo Chan's store choosing skins for their phones. It was understood, Joey didn't identify Wilfred as her boyfriend yet as their relationship has not developed into the stage where they can go public. Last night, Joey was initially suppose to work on recording, but suddenly cancelled the job due to feeling emotionally confused.

Joey's manager Mani Fok wrote on Weibo: "I had a wish all along, I hope our dearest Joey can find someone, just like us, a Mr. Right who truly loves her! Today, I received a lot of phone calls from the media. Here, thank you all for the concern and blessings for Joey! Taking this opportunity, I want to share with everyone that Joey and a friend are currently dating! Already at the selection stage! I hope Joey can finally encounter her Mr. Right and say goodbye to singlehood!" Joey responded on Weibo, thanking everyone for the blessings and concern. Wilfred also started following Joey's mom on Weibo, getting ready for the 'mother-in-law policy'.


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