Saturday, June 9, 2012

Kahi to graduate from After School

Pledis Entertainment has revealed that After School‘s Kahi is “graduating” from the group.

The agency sent out two press releases today regarding Kahi’s departure leading to confusion. After the first statement was sent out, the agency was flooded with questions from the media as well as fans, and in the midst of the chaos, Pledis incorrectly responded that Kahi would be promoting solo but will not be leaving After School.

However, shortly after realizing the miscommunication, the agency issued out another statement confirming that Kahi is indeed leaving the group and apologized for the confusion created earlier.

After School debuted in 2009 with the concept that members would eventually “graduate” out of the group. Leader and member Kahi will become one of its graduates.

Kahi will participate in the group’s June 17th encore concert in Tokyo, and finish up remaining promotional activities in Japan, which end this September, before preparing as an official solo artist.

As After School’s Japanese tour concert will be her last as a group member, Kahi plans to hold special solo performances during the encore concert as a way to thank fans.

Kahi stated, “To all the After School fans who have given so much love and to my members who have cried, laughed, and suffered with me since we debuted, I thank you all so much.” It’s reported that she’s planning to prepare for her solo album and study acting. She added, “I’ll try my best so that you can see a new side of Kahi.

Kahi was known as a female singer with excellent dancing skills even before she debuted with After School. She also recently stepped into the acting world on KBS‘s ‘Dream High 2‘.

After School will be releasing their 5th mini-album on June 21 KST. New member Gaeun will also be making a debut with their comeback.


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