Friday, June 15, 2012

Gigi Leung directs her first mini film, 1 person doing 3 jobs

Gigi Leung directs her first mini film Fortune Cookie (幸運曲奇), and has been invited by the Shanghai International Film Festival to participate in the 'Female Mini Film' project. Initially she was just the director and writer of the film, but she matches the female lead's nature from the story, so she portray her as well. First learning experience as a director, it was very laborious for Gigi, she's so busy she didn't even have the time to take a drink of water. However, she's really enjoys the process and feels satisfied. She invited several good friends to guest star in her mini film, including Yumiko Cheng, Ken Hung and Shaun Tam. Shaun also served as the photographer. Gigi plays the owner of a bakery and each day, she sees the different inside stories of her customers and investigates into life. Gigi is developing an interest for directing and hopes to have more directing opportunities. She has her husband's support as well. He makes Spanish omelettes for the crew to enjoy.


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