Monday, December 24, 2012

Fans still reluctant to accept Jimmy Lin’s wife

Jimmy Lin caused a stir among his fans when he revealed plans for an overseas wedding celebration and honeymoon with his wife, Taiwanese model Kelly Chen, next year. Although the boyish Taiwanese actor has been officially married for three years, fans still cannot accept the 28-year-old model as his wife.

They have a prejudice against Kelly and give negative remarks whenever her photo surfaced online.

His fans have also expressed hope that Jimmy would reconcile with his former girlfriend, Taiwanese actress Ruby Lin, after they were recently seen chatting happily with each other at an event.

Jimmy and Ruby had a two-year relationship in 1995 but broke up due to their busy work commitments at that time.

Netizens even designed a photo of the ex-couple and commented, "They [Jimmy and Ruby] look so compatible together. Kelly, watch out."

The 38-year-old actor has dated Kelly since 2007, but he kept their relationship under wraps for fear that he would lose his fans. During his birthday celebration in 2009, Jimmy officially announced their relationship to the media and disclosed Kelly had given birth to their child, Kimi. They registered their marriage that same year.

Kelly has since reduced her modeling jobs and stayed away from the limelight. She only appeared in public for the first time since getting married when Jimmy's father passed away in May last year. Kelly was spotted in public the second time when her sister-in-law got married last month.

In response to this matter, Jimmy's manager said, "It's not easy being a celebrity's wife. Not all fans will accept it, but most fans are rational."


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